Our Mission:

"To provide a quality product with

 excellent customer service and make

 boating safer and more fun."

- January, 2010

About Us

Prop Glove, LLC is a family owned business located in Charleston, SC. As a family who loves boating, we try to spend as much time as possible out enjoying our local waters. The Prop Glove was born from our struggle of trying to cover the bottom of our motor and prop to protect our children while having a fun day on the water. We saw other families struggling with this as well. Attempts to cover the prop with towels, life jackets and other homemade devices to provide protection from the prop and sharp edges of the motor do not work.


The lack of a quick, easy and reliable product to accomplish this led us to the development of our patent pending Prop Glove product.


In 2009, the US Coast Guard recorded a total of 4730 recreational boating accidents, 3358 which were injuries. Lacerations were the highest occurring injury with 737 recorded. Almost 300 of those injuries were to the head.


An injury from the sharp edges of the propeller or motor can turn a fun day on the water into a frantic one. Make your family’s safety a top priority. Boat safer with Prop Glove!

The Prop Glove™ is proudly made in the USA

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